Meet our medical team, a specialized and highly trained multidisciplinary group

Kardias medical team

More than 40 specialists in congenital heart disease make up our medical team, they are dedicated to the program with experience of more than 3,000 surgeries together. This team includes cardiologists, surgeons, echocardiographers, intensivists, anesthesiologists, nurses, physician assistants, perfusionists, psychologists, and social workers.

Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgeon

This medical team treats complex congenital heart defects in newborns, children and adolescents. Repairing hearts in small bodies represents an additional challenge, so this doctor has specialized to safely and precisely intervene in heart surgeries, even in very young patients like your son.

Dr. Alexis Palacios-Macedo Quenot

Dr. Héctor a Santiago Díliz Nava

Pediatric Cardiologist Echocardiographer

This medical team performs a study through sound waves to create images of the heart. Through these images, it identifies and diagnoses the disease that a child is suffering, and proposes the treatment to be followed.

This doctor works hand in hand with the cardiovascular surgeon before and during the intervention, and will be aware as long as your child remains in the CVICU.

Dra. Fabiola Pérez Juárez

Dr. Héctor Antonio Sánchez López

Dr. Moisés Mier Martínez

Dr. Jair Rafael Osorio Ugarte

Dr. Andrés González Ortíz

Cardiovascular Anesthesiology

He or she will be present during the surgical intervention and makes decisions on how to protect and regulate any of the organic systems, using advanced technology, not only to monitor the functions of the organism, but to determine which are the appropriate anesthetics. Monitors how the patient awakens from anesthesia and monitors their postoperative progress.

Dr. Orlando José Tamariz Cruz

Dra. Felipa Acosta Garduño

Dra. Lourdes Carolina Pellecer González

Dra. Sofía Elizabeth López Ramírez

Dr. Luis Motta Amézquita

Dra. Monica Urriola

Dra. Lina Andrea Sarmiento Arguello

Dr. Carlos Ixbalamqué Rodríguez Herrera

Dr. Raúl Guillén Rojas

Perfusionist Surgical Nurse

He or she is an essential piece of radiosurgical team, since it is responsible for operating the extracorporeal circulation machine. This machine diverts blood so that it does not pass through the heart and lungs, adds oxygen, and returns it to the body without having to pass through the heart while it is being operated.

Gabriela Trejo Gómez

Irma Cedillo Rendón

Pediatric Cardiovascular Intensive Care medical team

Pediatrician Intensivist Cardiologist

This medical team is specialized to take care of the patient after the intervention. This doctor will be present 24 hours a day, during the time that the child remains in the ICU. He will punctually follow the evolution of your child's health status, and he will keep it stable so that it improves day by day.

Dr. Aric Araujo

Dra. Violeta Castañuela Sánchez

Dra. Chantale Gilles Herrera

Dr. Edgar Omar Hernández Beltrán

Dra. Eréndira Cecilia Reyes Ramírez

Dr. José Alfredo Hernández Suárez

Dr. Juan Carlos Iglesias Castillo

Dra. Elideth López Aguilera

Dra. Alcira Paulina Ramírez Rojas

Research and Statistics Coordinator

Through scientific methodology and strict protocols, the Research and Statistics Coordinator regulates the medical research and publications of the Kardias medical group. Similarly, he is in charge of collecting and reporting information for statistical purposes to national and foreign institutions that audit and share it to create protocols for the care of congenital heart disease.

Dr. Luis Antonio García Benitez


She is responsible for the personal and intensive care of the patient while in the hospital. Whether in the CVICU or in your room, it will take care of all the needs of the child, will provide support and accompaniment to try to make your stay a little more comfortable and tolerable.

Jefa De Enfermería Unidad De Cuidados Intensivos Cardiovasculares ABC

Administrative and support medical team


Psychological support is essential in a process of diagnosis, intervention, treatment and recovery of heart disease. A specialist will be in charge of the surgical link and thanatological support and will be the means of communication between doctors and the patient's family during the intervention. He is she necessary, it will provide support when the patient's health status is critical.

Psic. María Almudena March Mifsut

Psic. Eduardo Espinosa Garamendi

Social work

It is the area in charge for the link between the patient and the ABC Medical Center, and is where the administrative procedures necessary for admission are performed. 

The social worker will offer both the patient and his family, support and accompaniment during his stay, in everything related to hospital services.

Lic. Yolanda Gómez
INP Social Work

Ma. Griselda Mauro Quintero
ABC Medical Center Social Work

Rosa María Ramírez
ABC Medical Center Social Work

"I am from Mazatlan, Sinaloa. When I was born I was diagnosed with an atrial septal defect, which is a defect in the heart. Thanks to Kardias I had surgery and I had a healthy and happy childhood. Today I am 20 years old, I am studying Nutrition and hope to specialize in Clinical Nutrition to help more people. "

"After being a mother, Kardias is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life"