You don't need a cape to be a hero. With your donation you can be the hero of a child born with a heart defect.

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La Carrera, La Rodada, Nado por mi corazón, El Gran Fondo and La Carrera Virtual are the way Kardias is made known. The dissemination before, during and after these events has generated awareness and knowledge on the subject. These events have given visibility to the problem and its possible solutions. Through these, Kardias has managed to generate empathy with children who suffer from congenital heart disease.

When you participate in our events, with your ticket, you donate and help to pay for surgeries for heart-sick children with a vulnerable economic situation. They will appreciate it as much as their families. Join in and have fun helping!

Carrera Kardias

.Cada año en febrero 10,000 personas, 9000 adultos y 1000 niños. Todos ellos corren salen por Paseo de la Reforma. Este evento es correr con causa .

  • Distances 10 and 5 K
  • Kids 100, 200 y 300 mts


Rodada Kardias

In May, 1,500 cyclists leave the Azteca Stadium and travel 22.5 and 45 KM of the Periférico. This is the ruedas con causa event.

Events: Gran Fondo Adolfo Lagos izzi Kardias

This event of 3000 cyclists is celebrated in October with excellent organization and with the differentiator of being the only race that closes the Coconal Valle de Bravo highway for its realization to give more security to the participating cyclists.

  • Distances 80 y 130 Kms.

I am 34 years old and I am from Mexico City. When I was born I was diagnosed with an aortic stenosis. I lived until I was 17 years old with this condition. In 2002, the Kardias medical team performed surgery on me at the Instituto Nacional de Pediatría (public hospital) with successful results.

I am happily engaged to my girlfriend and I hope to soon establish my sustainable soil management garden. Victor 2018

"After being a mother, Kardias is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life"