Who we are

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to development quality healthcare programs for children with heart diseases; the continuous training of dedicated medical teams and raising awareness towards congenital heart diseases

Our mission

Enabling highly specialized centers in Mexico for care of children born with congenital heart defects, through the development of sustainable, transparent and recognized programs to guarantee access to excellent medical care, focused on integral patient’s well-being.

Our vision

Developing expertise in the design of sustainable, transparent and recognized programs, both nationally and internationally, in order to guarantee access to excellent medical care through the alliance, collaboration and professionalism of multidisciplinary medical groups committed to the comprehensive well-being of the patient.

We work so that Mexican children have access to the specialized medical care they deserve

Our team

The people who work every day in Kardias, share the passion to create the possibility of access to high quality medical care that children born with heart disease deserve.

Ana Luz Díaz Smith - CEO

She is passionate about the transformation and institutionalization of the social sector in Mexico. Since 2017 she has been CEO of Kardias, leading the organization's strategic reorientation toward a world-class program. From 2013 to 2017, she directed CREA (Communities of Social Entrepreneurs Association), a nonprofit dedicated to training the women entrepreneurs’ capacities from disadvantaged sectors. 

Convinced of transformation through innovation, she ventured into entrepreneurship in the furniture design sector and e-commerce from 2004 to 2013.  

Ana Luz has a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from San Jose State University, a diploma in Entrepreneurship from ITAM and one in Management of Non Governmental Organizations from Stanford University. 

Ana Luz orchestrates a network of women linked through technological entrepreneurship, feminism, and the social sector, which has been essential in forming synergies and promoting their projects.


Elizabeth Palacios Barrientos - Communication and Institutional liaisons manager

Since 2019, she is responsible for the implementation of the Kardias communication strategy and for the links with other social organizations and allied institutions. 

She is specialist in strategic communication and her passion for social impact led her to enter the world of entrepreneurship. Currently, she combines her work in Kardias with volunteer projects and social innovation consulting for social international organizations like Makesense México and La Tablée des Chefs México.

Before working at Kardias, Elizabeth was the editorial director and responsible for the relaunch of Cambio Magazine, founded by Gabriel García Márquez, which became the first media outlet in Latin America focused on solutions journalism and socioenvironmental impact. 

Her work as a journalist has been published in important media in London, Paris, Bogotá and Mexico. In addition, she was editor in chief of DFensor, institutional magazine of the Mexico City Human Rights Commission and head of the Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression in that same autonomous organization. 

She has a Communication degree at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and also has a diploma as a specialist in Human Rights and Communication from the Iberoamerican University.


Lola Fernández Rodríguez - Director of Strategic Alliances

She is responsible for designing and implementing fundraising strategies and establishing the alliances that Kardias needs to achieve its goals. Her passion is to involve people committed to causes of social impact. 

Along her professional career she has had different positions. She has served as a marketer, television advertising analyst, administrator, salesperson, editorial and digital project leader, fundraiser for specific projects, and even administrative projects. Her strengths are dealing with people and the ability to connect people with ideas and projects, as well as the ability to communicate and promote causes and projects. 

She founded and directed the blog "Lola told me so", which became one of the largest in the country in the female category. Throughout these years, she became involved in all areas of the company, focusing above all on the editorial and sales areas. This project was committed to different foundations such as APAC, Fundación Origen, Fundación AAMI and Fundación UNAM, helping them to develop specific digital communication strategies to promote their events and efficiently communicate their needs in a digital environment.

Lola has a degree in Business Administration from ITAM.


Nora Lorena Cerezo Ramírez - Administration and Finance Manager

Since 2019, she is responsible for financial information, analysis and tax filing, processes supplier payments and controls Kardias' income. 

Nora has more than 10 years of professional experience as administrative manager and general accountant.

She has worked in private sector companies dedicated to the services and manufacturing sectors. She has collaborated in different social programs supporting foundations in Mexico City.

She has a degree in Accounting from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.


Alicia Salgado Villegas - Director of Operations

She has been part of the Kardias team since 2016. She actively contributed to the planning and opening of the ABC – Kardias Pediatric Heart Center. 

Alicia is currently in charge of the operational relationship with our ally, the ABC Medical Center, and the public health institutions belonging to the ABC-Kardias Program. She is the link between the medical group and the Kardias team and directs the continuous training program of our health professionals.

Before joining Kardias she worked with the ABC Foundation of the ABC Medical Center where she began to venture into the field of Social Responsibility and health, focused on the care of vulnerable populations in Mexico.

She has a degree in Institution Administration from the Pan American University and has a postgraduate degree in Technical Translation English - Spanish. In addition to her work in Kardias, for 11 years she has been a freelance professional translator specializing in the translation of legal and immigration documents.


Board of Directors

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

Chairman of the board

Concepción Legorreta de Angoitia

Board Member

María del Carmen de Angoitia Noriega

Board Member

Mary Annette Vessels

Board Member

María Blanca del Valle Perochena

Vice chairman

Horacio Lozano Zalce

Board Member

Alejandra Villegas Canal

Board Member

Sergio Lagunes Vessels

Board Member

Marcelo Enrique Perugia Canova

Board Member

María Teresa Vega Fernández-Vega

Board Member

María Teresa Carrancedo Ocejo

Board Member

Juan Pablo del Río

Board Secretary

Our history

We started in 2000, when a group of people concerned about improving the quality of comprehensive care for children with congenital heart diseases, led by Dr. Alexis Palacios-Macedo, Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgeon, started a support project to solve the needs of the Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery Program of the National Institute of Pediatrics (INP).

In 2012, ABC Medical Center joined the objective, thus creating the first and only highly specialized pediatric heart center in a private hospital in Mexico.

Kardias has worked to design and improve a multisector care program that substantially increases the quality of care for pediatric patients with congenital heart defects based on a synergy between the public and private sectors of the health system, taking advantage of the advantages of each one.

Throughout these two decades, we have benefited more than 3,500 patients and their families and we continue working so that the children born with a heart defect receive the timely and highly specialized medical care they deserve.


Kardias A.C. is founded by a group of people concerned about improving the quality of comprehensive care for girls and boys with congenital heart diseases, led by Dr. Alexis Palacios-Macedo, Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgeon, with the aim of meeting the needs of the Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery Program at the National Pediatric Institute (NPI) and support begins to strengthen it.


The Training and Development Program for health professionals working at the NPI Cardiovascular Surgery Division begins in collaboration with the Heart Center of Texas Children's Hospital (TCH)


The Ministry of Health assigns 40 jobs to the NPI for the Cardiovascular Surgery Division, thanks to the efforts made by Kardias with the Secretary of Health, Julio Frenk Mora. The motivation behind these actions consisted in building a highly specialized and motivated medical team.


The creation and construction of the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) begins at the NPI.


Director Board is reformed as well as the structure of associates and statutes, allowing new members to strengthen the fundraising and administration of the association.


Opening of the NPI Intensive Pediatric Cardiovascular Care Division, with six beds and increased care capacity. A collaboration agreement was also signed between Kardias and the NPI, thus formalizing the relationship between these two institutions.


The Collaborating Physicians Program begins.


The process of institutionalization of the association begins and a general coordinator is hired. The strategy for raising awareness about the problem of heart disease with authorities and the general public is launched. Negotiations begin for the creation of a High Specialty Center for Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery in partnership with the ABC Medical Center.


Se lleva a cabo la Primera Carrera Kardias por el Corazón de los Niños de México, que cumple la doble función de difundir el problema a nivel nacional y recaudar fondos para la asociación. Se inicia el programa de cirugía cardiovascular pediátrica en el Centro Médico ABC con pacientes del INP y fondos conjuntos de Kardias, Seguro Popular y el mismo Centro Médico ABC, y se fortalece la relación de cooperación con el TCH. Se inaugura la UCICV del centro Kardias-ABC y se llevan a cabo las primeras 14 cirugías a niñas y niños provenientes de familias de escasos recursos. Kardias se sumó a la iniciativa International Qualitative Improvement Collaborative (IQIC), un sistema liderado por Boston Children ́s Hospital que administra una base de datos en la que participan hospitales de países en desarrollo de todos los continentes.


The program receives the certificate of Good Governance and Transparency from the Mexican Center for Philanthropy. The learning partnership with TCH is expanded by signing an interagency agreement. This technical collaboration enables the continuous and highly specialized training of the multidisciplinary team of health professionals.


Dr. Alexis Palacios-Macedo receives the “Texas Children's International Recognition Award”, an important recognition for a doctor who makes significant contributions to pediatrics and generates a notable impact to improve medical care for children with congenital heart defects, a national and international level. A collaboration agreement is signed by the network of hospitals of the Ministry of Health of Mexico City (formerly GDF) for patient referral.


The program performed minimally invasive procedures for coronary heart disease, through the introduction of catheterization, the laboratory, and the interventional cardiology division.


Telemedicine sessions at the NPI were implemented as part of the academic collaboration agreement with the TCH. Kardias´ initial objective is materialized at the with the first stage of the of the ABC-Kardias Pediatric Heart Center on the Observatory Campus of the ABC Medical Center.


The ABC Kardias Pediatric Heart Center is inaugurated.